FPGA Digital Logic Design

Digital Logic Design Using FPGA

FPGAs Digital Logic Design uses the best FPGA device configured as a module, which enables selectable use of Intel (Altera) or Xilinx FPGAs.
You can control the environment of Multi Media via TFT LCD and CMOS Image Sensor in the equipment. This product also can be controlled on Android Smartphone by configuring Bluetooth for wireless communication.

Product Features

  • Uses FPGA (Intel, formerly Altera – Cyclone 10 Series, Xilinx-Spartan 7 Series) Devices
  • Modularized to enable the replacement of Altera and Xilinx devices, taking into account the flexibility and scalability of FPGA devices
  • Provides systematic training contents for Digital Logic Design
  • Provides 16 types of clock between 0Hz – 50MHz configured in Clock Control Block for application circuit
  • 5”-TFT LCD, CMOS Image Sensor, Audio Block and SD Socket for multi-media control
  • Full color LED, 7-segment display device, step motor, piezo enable various application design
  • Able to design sensor application circuit and analog signal control design through ADC / DAC
  • Configure the expansion port to control other devices outside the board
  • Organize textbook contents for users to design application examples using devices configured in equipment as well as basic digital logic design using FPGA

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

Training Contents

[ Digital Logic Circuit Design and Control Using FPGA ]

  • Installing Design Tool and Getting Started
  • Experiments for Control Logic and Application Design
    – LED / Button Switch / DIP Switch / 7-Segment / Keypads / Piezo / Step Motor
    – Full Color LED / Text LCD / DAC / ADC / RS232 / USB to Serial / Audio
    -SRAM / SDRAM / EEPROM / TFT LCD / CMOS Image Sensor / SD Socket / Bluetooth
  • Experiments for Multi-Media Application

Block Diagram