W2C Data Communications

Product Features

  • 7 wired communication & 7 wireless communication training equipment to learn wired/wireless communication technology in a server-client structure
  • Connected to peripheral device control such as light sensor, temperature /humidity sensor to induce interest in communication experiments
  • Oscilloscope for intuitive analysis of communication data
  • Experiments for RS232, RS422, and RS485, the basic serial communication interface
  • Experiments for USB, CAN, and Ethernet, the high speed serial communication interface
  • Experiments NFC communication of 13.56MHz band, a shortrange wireless communication interface
  • Experiments for RF communication in 433MHz frequency band
  • Experiments for ZigBee, LoRa, Bluetooth that are short-range low-power wireless communication interfaces
  • Experiments for Wi-fi based P2P communication, the short range wireless communication interface
  • Experiments for IrDA communication, the home appliance control communication interface
  • Experiments for optical communication, which is the optical fiber-based communication interface

Software Specification

Hardware Specification

Training Contents


Product Configuration