AIoT SerBot Series

Product Features

  • AI and IoT Convergence Training Equipment based on Indoor Service Robot Platform
  • Drive part adopts 3-axis omni-wheel to maximize robot’s movement efficiency and minimize rotation radius
  • The main module is an edge supercomputer that supports all existing AI frameworks
  • Provides a 7-inch touch display with 1280×720 resolution and a 160-degree wide-angle camera with 8M pixels
  • Provides Gigabit Ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Digital microphones and speakers support Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech as well as voice command
  • Supports various IoT sensor modules through 4 dedicated expansion interfaces
  • High-capacity battery and dedicated charging system enable continuous experiment while charging
  • Soda OS and Pop library, the exclusive AIoT operating system
  • Interpreter-based C/C++ development environments optimized for beginners to programming, including Python 3
  • A dedicated web browser-based learning environment for training Python 3 and C/C++ simultaneously on PCs and tablets
  • mDNS/DNS-SD based distributed name resolution and network service publishing and discovery support
  • Open Integrated development environment based on Visual Studio Code for professional application development
  • Educational contents for artificial intelligence and deep learning based service robot
  • AIoT SerBot Plus provides high-performance 360 degree lidar and dedicated library
  • AIoT SerBot Plus provides 8 types of IoT sensor modules connected to a dedicated expansion interface
  • AIoT SerBot PrimeX provides 6 ultrasonic sensors and 3 PSD sensors for obstacle detection
  • AIoT SerBot PrimeX provides Cortex-M series high performance MCU module and CAN module
  • AIoT SerBot PrimeX’s main module contains edge supercomputer up to 21TOPS supporting all popular AI frameworks

Software Specifications

Hardware Specifications

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[ AIoT SerBot Plus ]

The specifications of AIoT SerBot is included.

[ AIoT SerBot PrimeX ]

The specifications of AIoT SerBot Plus is included.

Training Contents


Product Configurations

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