• Built-in basic measuring equipment
  • Available to study a electric, electronic, communications and digital logic circuit themes with one platform
  • Providing simulation-proven training circuits
  • Training skills for troubleshooting
  • Shutdown circuit configuration for equipment protection
  • Module set based on verified circuit
  • Application experiments available through built-in bread board and universal board
  • 2.8 inch Color LCD
  • Built-in high performance oscilloscope

Product Overview

Basic-iLab-II is in line with the changing education paradigm as the recent shift to a technological hybrid knowledge economy. It is an integrated device with a built-in basic instrument that allows you to practice basic electrical, electronic, communication, and digital logic circuits in one unit by modularizing based on proven circuits.

Product Features

  • It consists of measuring equipment such as oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and various input / output devices that can be used for experiments of analog and digital circuits.
  • Basic experiments can be done intuitively by constructing basic electric and electronic circuits into modules for practical exercises.
  • It is configured to use digital logic circuit, analog communication and digital communication module in parallel.
  • By using AC power, Variable DC Power, Fixed Power, Variable Resistor and Analog and Digital Switch, the circuit of bread board can be configured to use Speaker, FND, LED, etc.
  • 2 channels of oscilloscopes and PC programs are provided. (2ch up to 70Msps)
  • Waveform Generator which can output Sine, Triangle and Square wave of basic 100KHz/10V(Vp-p) is provided and optional Waveform Generator for 5MHz/10V(Vp-p) can be additionally configured.
  • Breadboard consisting of 3 terminal strips and 4 bus strips is available as an option.
  • In case of separate circuit setting, power-cut-circuit is configured for short circuit and equipment protection.
  • 8-bit output signal for easy use of digital logic circuit module and DAQ device for monitoring signal are provided.

Hardware Specifications

Practical Exercise

Configuration and Name

Training Contents

Product Configuration