Embedded ES-101

Product Overview

Developed for human resource development and platform research in the embedded platform field, ES-101 is a hands-on equipment that enables a wide range of experiences, from low level operating systems to high level applications.

Product Features

  • Provides an integrated embedded design environment, optimized for Linux kernel-based embedded operating system porting and smart convergence service research and education
  • Provides the knowledge and experience necessary to understand embedded application service implementation and application development
  • It is a platform designed to understand the whole process of embedded software development and to implement various services through excellent scalability
  • Provides development knowledge and experience in a high-performance, 64-bit Quad Core processor environment comparable to x86 PC systems
  • Provides a wide range of hands-on examples from low level kernel APIs to AI applications
  • It provides digital audio and HDMI based Dual 4K Display Output
  • Provides knowledge and experience for developing C-based Linux Native applications
  • Provides various communication interfaces for basic peripheral control in the processor
  • Debian-based distribution OS is included, providing a ready-to-use OS with all the tools that Linux professionals like and open software for IoT applications
  • Provides the latest development environment, including the latest self-built GCC toolchain and Python 3 interpreter, plus customized Geany and NeoVim to support code completion, and Visual Studio Code to support autocompletion and debugging

Software Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Training Contents



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