IoT Smart Server + (plus)

With IoT Smart Server+, you can learn how to collect data from various IoT sensors, store it in a file or database, and analyze it on high-performance edge devices running Linux-based Soda OS. Cloud-based speech synthesis and real-time image processing technology using voice commands and cameras enable high-quality IoT projects.

Product Overview

IoT Smart Server+ allows you to acquire the basic knowledge and to perform application project necessary for IoT application development, through various exercises such as development environment, sensor control, database, and multimedia on Soda OS based
high performance edge devices. 

Soda OS is an IoT project-specific operating system that was selected and packaged with only the functions necessary for IoT programming, based on Debian Linux so that users can use IoT Smart Server + for IoT projects without any additional configuration.

Product Features

  • It consists of 30 kinds of sensor modules connected by high-performance edge servers and jumper cables, optimized for IoT application learning, maker and capstone design, and hackathon.
  • Provides a specially designed Pop library for the 30 sensor modules and Soda OS, which are high performance edge device operating environments.
  • Soda OS is a Debian-based distribution, with all the tools that Linux professionals love and open software for IoT applications, so they can be used immediately without building a separate system.
  • The high-level Pop library lets you implement real life ideas without complex hardware knowledge.
  • Soda OS supports automatic IP address assignment, distributed name resolution using mDNS, and network service publishing / discovery using DNS-SD.
  • It supports a wide range of languages including C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Node-Js, and more, including Python 3 and extension libraries such as numpy, matplotlib, pandas to extend to data science and AI applications.
  • It supports Google Cloud-based speech synthesis and voice command function and IoT application service using camera. You can learn Linux operations and Python programming, sensor control, and multimedia applications on a high-performance IoT edge server.

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

Features of Soda OS

  • It provides the latest development environments, including the latest self-built GCC toolchain and Python 3 interpreter, as well as customized Geany and NeoVim to support code completion, and Visual Studio Code to support autocompletion and debugging.
  • Provides an enhanced CLI environment with oh-my-zsh combined with tmux, solarized, and powerlevel9k themes. It also provides its own built-in desktop experience with lightdm, openbox, tint2, and more.
  • Enhanced IoT development environment including BlueZ, the latest Bluetooth library, MQTT Server (mosquitto), a representative IoT server, and Blynk Server for mobile integration.
  • Python data science libraries, Matplotlib, seaborn, numpy, sympy, pandas, scipy, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, etc. are installed.
  • For enhanced multimedia support, PyAudio, Google Assistant, python-vlc and the latest OpenCV libraries for image processing are installed.
  • Pop library specially designed for 30 sensor modules included in IoT Smart Server + is installed.

Training Contents