High-Speed Stand-Alone Embedded System mounted Intelligent Biped Robot

  • Robust frame / high-efficiency motor technology integration
  • Speed control by PWM technology / RC motor compatible
  • Provides optimal robot motion program environment using ROBOBASIC and ROBOSCRIPT
  • High resolution camera (Robot vision)
  • 1.5GHz Quad Core CPU (Robot Brain) based on ARM Cortex-A53
  • Linux 3.16.57 and Ubuntu program development environment
  • Real-time image acquisition and image processing
  • Real-time video monitoring using wireless LAN
  • Robot vision using OpenCV image processing and machine vision algorithm

HBE-ROBONOVA AI 3 is an intelligent 16-joint biped robot with an MR-C3024 controller board capable of controlling 32 servo motors simultaneously and an Amlogic embedded processor for high-resolution image acquisition, image processing and intelligence algorithms.
By equipping the existing biped robot with a brain board and a visual module, it is possible to perform intelligent actions as well as perform simple robot operations that were previously made and stored in the PC.
HBE-ROBONOVA AI 3 is an intelligent motion robot that processes video and vision algorithms and is the optimal platform to provide future intelligent robot education environment.

Configuration and Name

Main Exercise

[ Intelligent Robot Control Test through 64bit Embedded System ]

  • Embedded system programming exercise based on Linux Kernel Ver 3.16.57
  • Image data processing and recognition processing through visual module
  • Intelligent control through UART (communication with robot control board by UART)
  • Image processing and robot vision algorithm exercise
  • Real-time image processing, tracking and recognition algorithm exercise using OpenCV Library

Edge Extraction

Brightness Recognition

Object Recognition

Color Recognition

[Bipedal Robot Intelligence Control Project Exercise with Cognitive Ability]

  • Embedded system programming, motor control, image processing, and machine vision
  • Project exercise and capstone course application for robot contest platform ( Taekwon Robot, etc. )

[Biped Robot Basic Control Exercise using Control Board(MR-C3024)]

  • Basic operation control test using ROBOBASIC and ROBOSCRIPT(ROBOBASIC v2.6 includes its own commands for robot control in addition to BASIC language and provides real time motor control program for multi-joint robot control for easy programming of robot operation)
  • Robot operation control exercise using remote controller

Training Contents

Product Configuration

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications