Blockchain Training Platform Which Enables to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

It provides a wide range of experience from basic concept of blockchain to P2P network system, network security, block data analysis, and cryptocurrency development using Java. It explains high-level technology in easy way. You can use Java to train on various operating systems.


This product has been developed to provide wide and deep knowledge and experience from the basic theory of Blockchain to the development practice. Blockchain is the new technology that will change the root of existing database system as well as the future financial market. This product is based on Java to enable learning in various operating system environments. You can develop your own cryptocurrency through P2P network, network security, SHA-256 hash, RSA encryption algorithm, and block data analysis.


  • Learn basic concept and theory about blockchain
  • Able to train on various OS such as Linux, Windows, and Mac, etc.
  • Provides experiences of Socket programming and TCP/IP communication
  • Provides training about SHA-256 hash, RSA cryptographic Algorithm, and other cryptographic
  • Provides theory and practice about P2P Network System
  • Provides theory and practice about network security
  • Provides theory and practice about data analysis
  • Provides development process of cryptocurrency using Blockchain
  • Able to train about various networks and security theories.
  • Able to train specific structures and theories of commercial cryptocurrency
  • Five embedded systems are available for distributed processing

Hardware Specification

Training Contents

  • Blockchain Overview
  • P2P Network
  • Secured Communication
  • Block Data & Mining
  • The Mechanism and Structure of Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Development