IoT Smart Server

IoT Training Equipment for Remote Control System Using Various Sensors

In addition to the basic concept of IoT, it is also possible to learn to implement IoT remote control system in various ways. This product was developed to provide the broad knowledge and experience from the beginning to the completion of IoT field leading the future science and technology.


  • Learn different ways to control sensor including basic control, remote control via wireless communication
  • Provides about 120 examples and programs
  • Control and experience about 30 kinds of sensors used in real life
  • Experience server building required in IoT
  • Experience Raspberry Pi and Linux
  • Learn about Bluetooth communication
  • Experience HTTP protocol and server/client communication
  • Learn the interface between programs through CGI
  • Experience a wide range of programming language such as C, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript, etc.
  • Provides training on web page composition via JavaScript
  • Provides Android-based HTTP interlocking application
  • Provides Android-based Bluetooth interlocking application

Block Diagram

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications


Training Contents

  • Chapter1. Overview of IoT
  • Chapter2. Configuring IoT Smart Server and Practice Environment
  • Chapter3. Practice for Smart Sensor Control Using Raspberry Pi
  • Chapter4. Remote Control Using Bluetooth
  • Chapter5. Web Server Construction Using Lighttpd
  • Chapter6. Remote Control Using PHP
  • Chapter7. Configuring Interface Using JavaScript