HBE-IoT Smart Pioneer

IoT Integrated Platform

It is possible to acquire sensor information for IoT basic technology and practice various motor and actuator control exercises, and it is possible to experience IoT service easily by using Android based cloud Interworking app.



  • Sensor data collection is implemented around Open Hardware Platform, so anyone can easily experience IoT service.
  • Provides 10 basic sensor data bases and application examples.
  • Provides module practice function using firmware and it is possible to acquire sensor information and practice actuator control to acquire IoT basic technology for each module.
  • By building a gateway, it is possible to process various projects through sensor information monitoring and remote access control function.
  • Provides AWS-based cloud services.
  • Android-based cloud Interworking apps.

Configuration and Names

Hardware Specifications

Block Diagram

Software Specifications


Training Contents

  1. Overview of Internet of Things
  2. IoT SMART PIONEER configuration and lab environment configuration
  3. Practice of smart sensor control using Arduino
  4. Raspberry Pi
  5. Practice of smart sensor control using Raspberry Pi
  6. Smart sensor and cloud interworking

Product Configuration

  • Book / CD
  • Minutes Cloud  S/W
  • Power Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Jumper Cable 15cm
  • Ethernet Direct Cable
  • Micro 5P USB Cable