Cortex-M4 practice equipment using ST's NUCLEO

  • Controls more than 20 kinds of sensors
  • Displays sensor data in the form of graph or 3D airplane
  • UX / UI related education content


SMART NUCLEO can control more than 20 kinds of sensors configured in the equipment using ST’s NUCLEO board, display sensor data in the form of graph or 3D airplane in PC software, and support UX / UI teaching materials for Android App development


  • Sensor data collection is implemented around open hardware platform, making it easy for anyone to experience IoT service
  • ARM Cortex M4-based modules can be used to control various sensors and actuators
  • Provides basics and application examples for controlling 20 types of sensor data and driving devices
  • Cortex M4 module supports Open Compiler- mbed Compiler, Offline Compiler supports ST’s Free Compiler
  • Provides unit module practice function using firmware to acquire sensor information and actuator control exercises for acquiring IoT basic skills by modules
  • By building a gateway, various projects can be conducted through sensor information monitoring and remote access control function
  • Sensor data can be viewed graphically via PC software
  • Among the sensor data, 9 axis sensor (IMU) is displayed in 3D form of airplane shape
  • Supports Cloud service based on Amazon Web Service

Block Diagram

Hardware Specifications

Training Contents

Learning 1. IoT with SMART NUCLEO

  1. Overview of IoT
  2. SMART NUCLEO Configuration
  3. Programming with the board
  4. Raspberry Pi
  5. Cloud Interlocking Practice using Raspberry Pi

Learning Android UX/UI with SMART NUCLEO

  1. Overview of Android UX/UI
  2. Google Material Design
  3. Android UX/UI
  4. Interacting with the board and Android

Configuration and Names

Sensor Display