Arduino POKE C

Software training is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

Hanback Electronics’ education equipment is different.  Our 30-years-career shows the difference.  Our products are easy to maintain and cannot be compared to other low-priced boards in terms of quality and contents.


You can study from C language grammar to sensor/motor operation using Arduino Poke C board.

* CD (manual, source file) Provided

  • Arduino C language grammar materials
  • Sensor, motor, communication, and I/O control materials
  1. Input devices : Button switch (2)
  2. Sensor devices: Distance sensor (PSD), Human sensor (PIR), Tilt sensor, Slide resistance, Sound sensor (Microphone), Temp sensor, Light sensor (Cds)
  3. Output devices : LED (8), 7-segment (1), Buzzer (1), DC motor (1), RC servo motor (1), Relay (1), RGB LED (1
  4. Communication devices : Bluetooth
    ※ Device can be selected and expansion connector can be used according to the control selection switch.

Training Contents

1. HBE Arduino POKE C
2. C Language – the concept of program _ C program components, modifiers and operators, conditional statements, loop statements, functions, functions and variables, arrays
3. LED Control
5. 7-Segment Control
6. Switch Module
7. Tilt Sensor Module

8. Relay Control
9. DC Motor Control
10. Servo Motor Control
11. Slide Resistor
12. Light Sensor
13. Temperature Sensor
14. Distance Sensor
15. Human Detection Sensor
16. Bluetooth Communication
17. Sound Sensor

Block Diagram