Arduino Kit

Software training is no longer a choice, but a necessity

Hanback Electronics’ education equipment is different. Our 30-years-career shows the difference.  Our products are easy to maintain and cannot be compared to other low-priced boards in terms of quality and contents.


Using the Arduino kit board, you can study C language grammar, sensors, and motor driving.

  • Arduino C language grammar material
  • Sensor and motor, communication, input / output control device teaching material
  1. Input devices : Button switch (2)
  2. Sensor devices : Distance sensor (PSD), Slide sensor, Sound sensor (Microphone), Temperature sensor, Light sensor(CdS)
  3. Output devices : LED(8), 7-segment(1), Buzzer(1), DC motor(1), Servo motor(1), RGB LED(1)
  4. Communication devices : Bluetooth module
    ※ Device can be selected and expansion connector can be used according to the control selection switch.

Training Contents

1. Install Development Environment
2. LED Control
3. 7-Segment Control

5. Switch
6. DC Motor

7. Servo Motor
8. Slide Sensor
9. Light Sensor

10. Temperature Sensor
11. Distance Sensor
12. Sound Sensor
13. Bluetooth

Block Diagram