Raspberry Python

Software training is no longer a choice, but a neccessity

The most popular language among the world’s programming languages – Python. Study Python language with Raspberry Python!


Using this Raspberry Pi board, you can study C language grammar, sensors & motors operation. *CD (manual, source file) provided

  • Provides a variety of examples from the basics to applications of Python, a multi-paradigm programming language
  • Provides various sensor and motor control examples using Python language
  • It is composed of Open Hardware Platform and easily accessible by anyone
  1. Input devices : Switch(2)
  2. Sensor devices : Temperature Sensor, Light Sensor(CdS), Distance Sensor(PSD), Variable Resistor
  3. Output devices: 7-Segment, LED(8), DC Motor, Buzzer, RGB LED
  4. Communication devices : Bluetooth, WiFi
  5. Audio : 3.5mm A/V Jack
  6. Video : HDMI 1.4 Video Out

Training Contents

1. Introduction to Python

2. Configuration of Raspberry Python and Practice Environment

3. Python Basics

4. Operators and formulas

5. Conditional and loop statements


6. Function

7. Module

8. Input and Output

9. Exception handling

10. Bluetooth

Block Diagram