HBE-MCU Multi Arduino

Arduino Compatible Platform for Creative Engineering

  • ATMEL CPU module (ATmega2560) can be used for creative science application
  • Provides in module type
  • Perfect compatibility with Arduino development environment
  • Various sample sources for basic exercises of Arduino
  • Fully compatible with Arduino expansion board


The 8-bit based MCU product is the basic educational theme for processors that has been used in the education field for a long time. However, in the case of products designed to fit the past cramming method of education, it was impossible to configure the creative functions according to users. It is begun to use Arduino in creative engineering to supplement the shortcomings and to share development resources that have been opened around the world. HBE-MCU-Multi-Arduino uses ATmega2560 among the Arduino boards, and its functions are modularized independently. This is a micro-embedded education system that is designed to quickly apply various project classes and user’s requirements including basic education. You can use the development environment of Arduino as it is, or mount Arduino expansion platform.


  • The ATmega2560 device is designed as a module in a removable connector structure.
  • It is fully compatible with Arduino board, so it uses the Arduino development environment.
  • MCU module and function module can be connected in various ways.
  • Each functional module is configured as a detachable module type, enabling users to separate and utilize them form the base board as they want.
  • Provides signal and power analysis modules (such as interrupts and frequenc) that can improve the efficiency of MCU learning and design.
  • Provides dedicated measurement points for easy signal analysis of MCU and applications.
  • Various input switches and output displays are provided.
  • Various sensor modules can be installed.
  • Provides application modules for sensor training.
  • Various sample program sources are provided for application training using Arduino.
  • Supports a wide range of design environments at the application product design level from basic processor training.

Product Specifications

Training Contents

Block diagram

Product Configuration