New – Avionics Protocol

Avionics Protocol Training Equipment with Various Communication Methods

Avionics Protocol has been launched! Learn about Avionics Protocol System with this Aeronautical data communication training equipment configured for avionics experiment. This product is configured as one board with wired communication devices. You are able to check the characteristics of communication protocol data using software running on PC.

Product Summarize

These are summarized features of this product. To learn more, click here : HBE-Avionics Protocol


HBE-Avionics Protocol Graphic User Interface v1.7.8

RS232, RS485, CAN

RS232, RS485, CAN as default communication blocks


AM, ASK, FSK, PSK blocks for basic communication

ARINC 429 & MIL_STD-1553

ARINC 429, MIL_STD-1553 blocks for aviation and marine communication

Published on Dec 18, 2018