HBE-Basic iLAB (Comm)

Basic Electronic/Logic/Electric/Communication Trainer

  • Built-in basic measuring equipment (DMM, F/G, OSC and DAQ).
  • Available to study a electric, elctronic, communications and digital logic circuit themes with one platform.
  • Supply various experiment themes.
  • Training a skills of troubleshooting.
  • Design to protect from misuse using power protection circuit.
  • Set up a module based verified circuit.
  • Available application experiment with built-in bread board.


HBE-Basic-iLab is designed that student study various basic themes like Electronic, Digital Logic, Communication and electric. Various basic test instruments are built-in (DMM/OSC/FG/DAQ).


  • It consists of various input and output devices that can be configured to experiment such as oscilloscope, a waveform generator and multimeter.
  • You can do all the laboratory exercises intuitively configure the basic electrical and electronic circuit modules into practice.
  • You can use in combination with digital Logic circuit, analog and digital communications.
  • You can use the output device such as Speaker, FND, LED and configure a circuit of Breadboard with AC Power, Variable DC Power, Fixed Power, Variable Resistor and Analog, Digital switch.
  • Provides PC program and oscilloscope of 2 channels(1ch up to 60Msps).
  • Provides a waveform generator can output Sine, Triangle and Square wave of 100KHz/10VIVp-p) base.
  • Provides the Breadboard that is consisted of 3 terminal strip and 4 Bus strip.
  • Built in power down circuitry to protect devices and shortage state.
  • The DAQ device is builted that can use Signal for Monitoring and for output of 8 bit an easy-to-use digital logic circuit modules.

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