HBE-LogicCircuit Digital

Digital logic circuits, lab equipment

  • Makes Up Module Group to improve interests and efficiency of class
  • Makes Up Logic Module for intuitive test (ex. LED mount)
  • Makes Up Power off circuit to check the equipment
  • Application test Bread Board and Universal Board
  • Checks Signal Apply and the Result on PC


Recently as Society has been changed from knowledge based to Technology combined Knowledge economy, Education Paradigm is changing, and new Education goal is on the rise, Development of Positive Problem Solving Skill. HBE-LogicCircuit Digital is Students based Platform for intuitive test, which they can test Digital Logic Circuit, a required subject for vocational training in secondary education(specialized course), for with interest. HBE-LogicCircuit Digital is composed of basic gate, logic gate, 74 series and register for digital logic circuit test. And we can do application test using Bread Board and Universal module with it.


  • Possible for students to do all the tests in Government designated textbook intuitively.
  • Gates are modularized for Logic Circuit test.
  • Possible to see the data flow easily By mounting LED on I/O parts of all the modules.
  • Possible to check Output signal and apply Input signal through PC.
  • Possible to do application test Using Bread Board and Universal Board.
  • Preparing for mistakes by students, Power off circuit is ready.

Configuration and Names

Block Diagram

Hardware Specifications

Test Samples

Product Configuration