Digital logic circuits, lab equipment

  • Digital Logic Circuit Experiment with Universal Bread Board
  • Sine Wave and Triangle Wave via Waveform Generator Included
  • Variable Clock Generator Included, Range in 0 to 1MHz
  • USB DAQ interface to PC for 8 bit Data Pattern Generation and Data Measurements
  • Several External Signal Input & Selection Functionality with Button and Toggle Devices
  • Power Status Monitoring with Voltage and Ampere Analog Panel


  • Uses Bread Board composed of 3 Terminal Strips and 4 Bus Strips to perform diverse experiments at a time.
  • Sine Wave and Triangle Wave Waveform Generator makes the frequency between 0~999Hz enabled to logic circuit composed by a user.
  • Variable Clock Generator with range 0Hz~1MHz. Provides 1Hz clock and 10Hz clock as basic clocks and separately creates Clock with the range of 0Hz~1MHz to use 3 kinds of clocks simultaneously for a circuit composed by a user.
  • Supports Interface between PC and Equipment via DAQ. Receives 8 bit Signal created from PC to use implemented logic circuit and conversely sends 8 bit Signal outputted from the implemented logic circuit to PC to analyze the signal on the monitor.
  • Supports an experiment interlocking with various input devices. Uses Logic Signal to input Rising edge and Falling edge signal and uses Single Pulse button to enable Pulse signal with 1ms. And provides 12 Toggle Switches and 2 Button Switches for a user to control the signal. 
  • Supports Display experiment using LED and 7-Segment. LED. LED is Green High-brightness Diffusible type for distinguished visibility. 7-Segment controls 2 devices from BCD input. And Slide Switch can change the input conditions of Anode and Cathode selectively depending on the experiment of display
  • Supports Piezo and Buzzer as signal output devices. Signal Control Experiments using Variable Resistor with 500kΩ and 10kΩ. Embedded Piezo and Buzzer can be used to generate the sound. 
  • Voltage and Ampere measurement Analog Panel support to measure Volt(0v~15v) and Ampere(0A~1A)

Configuration and Names

1. Bread Board : Composed of 3 Terminal Strips and 4 Bus Strips. Various logic circuits are experimented on only one Bread Board
2. Ampere Meter : Displays Current for +5V power (0~1A)
3. Volt Meter : Displays DC +15V power. Connected by Jumper Connector for measuring Power
4. Power Block : Power Input Block via Banana Jack and Jumper Connector. Supplies the power of +5V, +9V, +15V and -15V
5. LED : Composed of 8 High-brightness LEDs with 5mm
6. 7-Segment : Implements the operation of 7-Segment using BCD Input and selects Anode and Cathode
7. Buzzer : Sound Output Device depending the signal input with +5V
8. Piezo : Controls high and low of Sound by inputted frequency
9. Variable Resistor : Variable Resistor of 10kΩ and 500kΩ
10. Waveform Generator : Creates Sine Wave and Triangle wave. Selects the frequency band
width with 0Hz~999Hz. Selects the frequency with Rotary switch and
Toggle switch
11. Clock Generator : Selects the frequency, with the clock output for 1Hz, 10Hz and 0Hz ~ 1MHz, and also selects the frequency via Rotary and Toggle switch
12. DAQ : Communication device between PC and equipment by 8 bit input and 8 bit output
Data Interface. Sends the signal from PC to the equipment and outputs the signal from
it on PC monitor
13. Logic Signal : Rising Edge and Falling Edge Outputs can be select according to the input
selection button control
14. Single Pulse : Input button Generate Outputs Pulse with 1ms
15. Toggle Switch : 12 kinds selectable Toggle Switches for Signal Input Selection
16. Button Switch : 3 kinds Button Switches for Signal Control Selectio

Block Diagram

Product Specifications

HBE-Logic Emulator

  • Waveform Generation for Logic Design & Functionality Verification
  • Result Data Pattern & Waveform Analysis for Logic circuit Verification
  • Verifies Digital Logic Circuit Design

Product Configuration