AIoT AutoVi Ⅱ

Product Features

  • AI and IoT Convergence Practice Equipment based on Autonomous Driving Vehicle Platform
  • Main Module, Edge Supercomputer Supporting All Popular AI Frameworks
  • Provides 8M Pixel Wide-Angle Camera and Exclusive Bracket capable of Angle Adjustment
  • Provides Gigabit Ethernet, Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz, 5GHz) and Bluetooth 4.2
  • Supports Various IoT Sensor Modules using Breadboard and Dedicated Extended Interface
  • Satisfies Software Package and Required Service Type based on ROS2 Development Environment
  • Adopts 4WD Structure Vehicle Frame Consisting of CNC Metal Mount Steering System, Shock Absorber and Carbon Fiber Chassis
  • Supports Real Car-Like Driving Mechanism and Deep Learning-based Autonomous Driving Technology
  • Adopts Large-Capacity Battery that Allows Practice while Charging
  • Supports Soda OS and Pop Library, Exclusive AIoT Operating System
  • Supports C/C++ Development Environment based on an Interpreter for Introductory Programming including Python 3
  • Supports Web Browser-Based Learning Environment that Enable to Train Python 3 and C++ Simultaneously on PC and Tablet
  • Supports Distributed Name Check based on DNS-SD, Network Service Publishing and Discovery
  • Supports Open Integrated Development Environment based on Visual Studio Code for Professional Application Development
  • Provides Learning Contents for Self-Driving Vehicle based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Software Specifications

Hardware Specifications

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[:ko]Autovi 2- web 230222 - eng.indd[:]

Training Contents