AIoT SerBot Mini

Product Features

  • Indoor intelligent IoT service robot training equipment can be assembled and consists of brain module and driving module

  • Drive unit adopts a 3-axis omni wheel to maximize the robot’s movement efficiency and minimize the turning radius

  • Main module is an edge supercomputer to support all popular AI framework

  • Gigabit Ethernet,  dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for IoT connectivity are provided

  • Camera-based self- driving algorithm is implemented and vision camera for AI recognition judgment is built-in

  • Large-capacity battery and built-in charger

  • Supports dedicated operating system, Soda OS and Pop library, to minimize hardware dependence

  • Supports interpreter-based C/C++ development environment optimized for IoT programming including Python 3

  • Supports web browser-based dedicated learning environment that can simultaneously train Python 3 and C/C++ on PC and tablet

  • Confirming the name of mDNS/DNS-SD based dispersion and supporting the posting and discovery of network service

  • Supports integrated development environment for public use based on Visual Studio Code for professional application development

  • Easy programming through block coding, and automatic conversion to Python code is possible

  • Provides IoT learning contents and deep learning-based service robot learning model

Operating Program

Hardware Specifications

Training Contents

Block-Based Programming