AIoT TestBed

Product Features

  • IoT test bed platform based on Open API that can test the interworking of smart home products
  • Divided into door, living room, and kitchen areas, and AI IoT Service for each area is supported
  • Consists of high-performance AIoT server, high-performance access point, IoT nodes (sensors and actuators), display, camera, and audio (microphone, speaker)
  • High-performance IoT server supports AI accelerated computation through CUDA GPGPU
  • GUI-based test bed operation monitoring through 43-inch 4K UHD large monitor including touch screen
  • Provides a large pixel display that can implement emotional lighting and real-time notification services
  • Supports various IoT connectivity through Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee Provides high-performance digital microphones and speakers necessary for implementing AI-based voice command services Supports for deep learning-based image recognition services required to implement customized services
  • Soda OS and Pop library, the AIoT dedicated operating system
  • Interpreter-based C/C++ development environments optimized for programming beginners, including Python 3
  • A dedicated web browser-based learning environment for training Python 3 and C/C++ simultaneously on PCs and tablets
  • mDNS/DNS-SD based distributed name resolution, network service publishing and discovery support
  • Open Integrated development environment based on Visual Studio Code for professional application development
  • Provides comprehensive AIoT practical exercise contents in connection with existing AIoT educational equipment

Software Specifications

Hardware Speicifications

Training Contents

  • Lab Environment of AIoT Test Bed
  • Low Power Wireless Sensor Network Programming
  • IoT Sensor Control Programming by Voice Command 
  • Smartphone Interlocking Programming
  • Cloud Programming 
  • Face Recognition Programming Based on Deep Learning


Product Composition