XNode Plus

Product Features

  • IoT connectivity application training equipment based on wireless personal network (WPAN) and low-power wideband network (LPWAN)
  • Consists of high-performance edge server with integration of base station and network server, module type sensor node and expansion module
  • Edge server supports sensor node control and AI fusion programming in a web browser environment through the AIoT dedicated operating system Soda OS and Pop library
  • Edge server supports mDNS/DNS-SD, SSH, SFTP, SMB/CIFS, MQTT, and NX X Window protocols
    Sensor node can be selected between LoRa/Sigfox/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth (Node A) or Zigbee Pro/Bluetooth (Node B)
  • Provides 2100mA battery, RGB LED for indicator, light sensor based on lux unit and temperature/ humidity sensor for independent operation of sensor node
  • Sensor node supports interpreter-style Python 3 so that control programs can be easily and concisely written
  • AIoT dedicated operating system Soda OS and Pop library
  • Visual Studio Code-based integrated development environment for professional application development
  • Provides training contents for Python-based edge server and sensor nodes

Software Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Training Contents


Product Composition