Product Features

  • Cyclone IV and EPCS PROM are built-in to enable fast programming through JTAG
  • Basic logic circuit experiment and design through 1MHz oscillator
  • Input/output devices such as Button Switch, Slide Switch, LED, and 7-Segment are configured by default
  • Basic operation possible through USB power of PC
  • 8ch ADC and Motor Driver are built-in as standard, possible to configure various input devices and drive the driver using a separate power adapter
  • Built-in Zigbee Pro/Bluetooth function to utilize IoT connectivity application training device
  • User circuit is configured using double-sided universal board in the form of breadboard
  • Through the expansion interface board, various experiments and projects are possible with 10 kinds of option modules such as Display Module (FND, OLED, etc.), Actuators (Motor, Relay, etc.), Sensors (CdS, Temperature/Humidity, etc.), and I/O device

Software Specificitions

Hardware Specifications

Option Module

Training Contents


Product Configuration