AI Nvidia Lidar Steering Smartcar nano

You can learn from the basic theory of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to algorithms using TensorFlow for machine learning and deep learning.
And with Nvidia’s high-performance GPUs, you can experience high levels of image processing and machine learning.
Various operation practices are available using LiDAR applied to autonomous vehicles.

Product Overview

You can learn from basic theory of artificial intelligence to algorithms using TensorFlow which is used for various fields of machine learning.
You can also experience high-performance services such as object and letter recognition through learning, face recognition and edge detection through image processing.
Image classification, labeling, deep learning, and object detection for creating training models are also available. In addition, you can measure distances and angles using LiDAR and experience the shortest path search algorithm.

Product Features

  • Experience from the basic theory for machine learning to the algorithm for implementation 
  • Deep learning training available Provides services for machine learning and deep learning using TensorFlow for high performance numerical computation 
  • Provides practical exercises for Neural Network 
  • CUDA, a GPU-based high-speed parallel computing technology, enables calculations 10 times faster than regular CPUs 
  • Provides real-time AI exercises implemented by CUDA high-speed parallelism 
  • Provides real-time image processing service using the attached camera Practice image classification, labeling, and deep learning for object recognition Provides Data set for traffic light recognition 
  • Arduino integrated development environment allows anyone to quickly and easily implement firmware for electronic device control. Based on development environment using Processing/ Wiring language, it is effective to develop Interactive Object, easy to operate microcontroller, and easy to program via USB 
  • Intelligent robot that autonomously drives by detecting and determining acceleration, vibration, shock and motion information of robot with built-in acceleration and gyroscope sensor 
  • DC Geared motor has built-in encoder to detect the motor’s operation status and calculate rotation direction and speed 
  • Precise steering control using Servo motor and the rotation of the front wheel for the direction of travel are possible 
  • It is possible to acquire the technology to utilize the ultrasonic sensor, and to learn various things such as object detection and obstacle recognition by intelligent robot application
  • It is a self-driving robot equipped with LiDAR sensor, so that you can learn about ROS and SLAM.
  • It provides distance measurement and object angle measurement using LiDAR and optimized path search algorithm.

Hardware Specifications

LiDAR Specifications

Software Specifications

Training Contents

1) Deep Learning with AI Nvidia Lidar Steering Smartcar nano

  • AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Introduction to Equipment
  • Image Processing
  • Deep Learning Using TensorFlow
  • Creating Learning Model

2) Robot Control with AI Nvidia Lidar Steering Smartcar nano

  • Steering Smartcar
  • Robot OS
  • Connecting Steering Smartcar and Jetson Board
  • Moving & Tracking
  • Getting Directions with Lidarl



Block Diagram