• Quick and accurate maze navigation
    – Micro DC Motor
    – Rotary Encoder
    – Gyro Sensor
    – Infrared Sensor
    – Bluetooth Equipped
  • Arrive at the target point with precise navigation
  • The fastest way to get to the destination

Micro Mouse is a maze search robot that has compactly gathered a lot of technologies such as a microprocessor, a robust mechanism, sensors recognizing the maze, a motor control technique, a maze search and a shortest path derivation algorithm.

Product Overview

Micro Mouse game is that a stand-alone robot searches for unknown mazes and competes the shortest transit time from the starting point to the goal point. Micro Mouse has all the features you need to navigate the maze, and drives the unknown maze with its own without help. The two motors arranged in the center of the body as the driveline are controlled independently for free movement in the labyrinth. The rotary encoder, the gyro sensor and the infrared sensor are equipped as the sensor. The rotary encoder is connected to the wheel and measures the amount of wheel rotation.
The gyro sensor measures the body’s rotational speed. This measurement information is used to control the feedback to the motor to achieve straight forward or rotational motion. The infrared sensor consists of a LED for light emission and a phototransistor for light receiving. The LED emits highly directional infrared rays to the maze wall and the phototransistor measures the reflected light. This product provides the program source for you to learn these techniques.
Through this, anyone can enjoy the micro mouse game programmed by own.

Product Features

1. Configuration of Robot
– Equipped 2 micro DC motors as drive system and Encoder/gyro sensor/and 4 infrared sensors as sensors.
– 4 infrared sensors are used, 2 for front detection and 1 for left and right detection.
– Bluetooth allows you to view debugging information and driving information through communication with a PC.

2. The Search Drive
In search driving, it investigates the unknown labyrinth structure by combining 1 section straight ahead and 90 degree turn.

3. The Shortest Drive
In the shortest drive, it runs the known path quickly by combining actions such as straightening several compartments, sloping straight ahead, turning 45/90/135/180 degrees.

Configuration and Name of Each Part

Hardware Specifications

Software & Development Tool

Firmware Source