AI Smart Mobile

  • You can learn about artificial intelligence through Machine Learning using Android camera.
  • Education course for Deep Learning using TensorFlow and object learning using Android application are provided.

You can learn about artificial intelligence using Android application by learning from TensorFlow environment setting based on Linux to its basic and practical exercises. You can learn Anaconda, Bazel, Python3 by using Machine Learning data construction using Google API.

Product Features

  • TensorFlow Linux based environment construction is provided.
  • Provides a usage experience with Linux through environment configuration.
  • Provides programming experience using TensorFlow Python Library.
  • Supports TensorFlow Python 3.x examples.
  • Experience TensorFlow Compile with building Anaconda3 and Bazel.
  • Deep Learning can be built through Google API supported by TensorFlow.
  • You can learn Machine Learning through Android Application Camera.

Training Contents

  • chapter 1 Starting AI Smart Mobile
  • chapter 2 Building Linux Development Environment
  • chapter 3 Building Linux Environment
  • chapter 4 Anaconda3
  • chapter 5 Parallel Toolkit
  • chapter 6 TensorFlow Installation
  • chapter 7 PyCharm Installation
  • chapter 8 Types of Machine Learning
  • chapter 9 Algorithm of Machine Learning
  • chapter 10 Practical Exercise for TensorFlow : Hello World
  • chapter 11 Practical Exercise for TensorFlow: Variables
  • chapter 12 Practical Exercise for TensorFlow: Arithmetic Operation
  • chapter 13 Practical Exercise for TensorFlow: Application 1
  • chapter 14 Practical Exercise for TensorFlow: Application 2
  • chapter 15 Practical Exercise for TensorFlow – API
  • chapter 16 Practical Exercise for Linear Layer-1
  • chapter 17 Practical Exercise for Linear Layer-2
  • chapter 18 Practical Exercise for Linear Layer – MNIST
  • chapter 19 Practical Exercise for Linear Layer – CIFAR-10 OpenSource
  • chapter 20 Bazel Compile File
  • chapter 21 Tensorflow Example for Android
  • chapter 22 Android Application
  • chapter 23 Terminology of Machine Learning

Hardware Specifications

  • Tablet PC ( 8 inch or more)

Software Specifications

Block Diagram