AI Nvidia LiDAR RoboEX

You can learn not only the basic theory of AI (Artificial Intelligence) but also SLAM and A* Algorithm using TensorFlow for machine learning and deep learning. And with Nvidia’s high-performance GPUs, you can experience high levels of image processing and machine learning. Most importantly, this product provides various practical exercises for LiDAR which is applied to autonomous vehicles.

Product Overview

You can learn from basic theory of artificial intelligence to algorithms using TensorFlow which is used for machine learning in various fields. In addition, you can experience high-performance services such as object and character recognition through deep learning, face recognition and edge detection through image processing. In addition, it is possible to measure distance and angle using LiDAR and to search the shortest path using A * algorithm.

Product Features

  • Experience from basic theories for machine learning to algorithms for its implementation
  • Deep learning training available
  • Machine learning and deep learning using Tensorflow for high performance numerical computation
  • High speed of computation using high performance GPU
  • Real-time image processing service using camera mounted on the product
  • Training for controlling technology for DC motor and omnidirectional wheel
  • Experience of Python language
  • Learning ultrasonic sensor and infrared distance sensor (PSD) technology as well as object detection and obstacle awareness
  • Robot driving body adopting Arduino enables learning motor controls and sensor status information acquisition
  • Learning ROS and SLAM using LiDAR used for self-driving
  • Distance & angle measurement using LiDAR, and path searching using A* algorithm
  • Practical exercises for Neural Network

Block Diagram

Hardware Specifications

LiDAR Specifications

Software Specifications

Training Contents

1. Deep Learning through AI Nvidia RoboEX
• AI / Machine Learning /Deep Learning
• Introduction to Device
• Deep Learning through TensorFlow
• Image Processing

2. Robot Control with AI Nvidia RoboEX
• RoboEX 3WD
• Robot OS
• Connecting Jetson board and RoboEX 3WD
• Moving & Tracking

3. LiDAR with AI Nvidia LiDAR RoboEX
• Overview of LiDAR
• Robot Operating System
• A* Algorithm
• Convolutional Neural Network