CAN/LIN Communication Test Equipment

  • CAN/LIN System Equipment for Communication between various Sensors and Actuator
  • CAN/LIN is used for smooth communication between Electronic Control Unit and Sub System
  • CAN 2.0A(ISO 11898) Standard Protocol
  • LIN 2.0(ISO 9141) Standard Protocol
  • Used for ship and navigation Control System, elevator, medical instruments, car, and etc.


  • CAN/LIN configuration test available through modeling the communication between Electronic Control Unit and Sub system in a car
  • Makes up CAN/LIN through bus system for networking between various sensors and actuator.
  • Easy to mount and dismount nodes. Used as a user wants. Extension of option
    node considered as much as possible by applying ext. Connector of Standard Interface.
  • Provides various samples for application experiment(ex.Car)
  • Available of interworking with embedded equipment to maximize the use of
  • Provides Interface(DSUB 9) which can interwork with CAN/LIN equipment by
    other company.
  • Suitable for communication tests of medical instruments, car, airplane, subway,
    and Robot.
  • Made with 8bit Microcontroller and various peripherals

Hardware Specifications

Configuration and Names

1. MCU(CAN Node 0/LIN Master Node)
2. Peripheral
3. CAN/LIN Node 1(Cooling Fan)
4. CAN/LIN Node 2(CdS Sensor)
5. CAN/LIN Node 3(Step Motor)
6. CAN/LIN Node 4(Ultrasonic Sensor)
7. CAN/LIN Node 5(2-Axis Tilt)
8. CAN/LIN Node 6(MP3 Player)
9. CAN/LIN Node 7(Temperature/Humidity Sensor)
10.CAN/LIN Node 8(Gas Sensor)
11. CAN/LIN Node 9(Compass)
12. Extension CAN Node Connector
13. Extension LIN Node Connector
14. Option CAN/LIN Connector
15. Power LED(+12V, +5V)

Functions of Modules


PC control software

Block Diagram

Training Contents