HBE-RoboBuilder MSRDS

Bipedal walking type MSRDS robot training equipment

  • DIY platform based on graphic programming language for robot education
  • Learning VPL programming of MSRDS via biped robot
  • Practice of creative robot production using block robot module
  • It is an assembly structure of insertion type of joint. So it is easy to disassemble and assemble robot
  • Various motion control exercises using acceleration sensor and Bluetooth module
  • Robot action file activate community through internet 
  • Optimal platform for robot activity and robot competition


  • HBE-RoboBuilder-MSRDS is a DIY platform with rich robot education contents and amusement for motivation.
    By using the block robot module, you can create various types of robots with your own creative ideas.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble because the connecting device of the block is of the international patented joint insertion type.
  • The acceleration sensor, the volume sensor, and the distance sensor are equipped, and can practice the robot motion control in various environments.
  • A block type robot module (wCK) is equipped with a Micom with a built-in PID controller to perform precise motion control.
  • Multi-drop type Full Duplex UART serial communication capable of connecting 254 block type robot modules (wCK) in parallel is supported.
  • Intuitive robotic file creation software such as motion builder and action builder.
  • wCK is equipped with an LED to create a colorful robotic action, the robot files can be shared over the Internet.

Configuration and Names

HBE-RoboBuilder-MSRDS provides the joint structure that can access various robots using the robot module (wCK) and provides the software to program all the robots accordingly.
In addition, it can be easily assembled with a screwdriver because it is made of a joint-type structure that can easily make a robot. Robot parts are made of high-strength plastic material so that parts are not worn even if assembled many times.

Hardware Specifications


MSRDS is a development tool and environment that can help you develop a variety of applications for various robotic hardware if you have a basic knowledge of programming.

  • Provides development environment and tool integrated with existing Visual Studio
  • UI-based development environment such as VPL (Visual Programming Language)
  • Provides simulation tools and a common message schema
  • Provides mechanism for concurrency processing
  • Provides support environments such as various samples and tutorials

MSRDS Structure

You can create a variety of applications using services such as interface service, output service provided by MSRDS, sensor, motion of HBE-RoboBuilder-MSRDS.


VPL (Visual Programming Language) is very useful for beginners who are studying basic concepts such as variable and logic of program language using easy-to-understand graphics language, advanced programmers who need rapid prototyping or code development for application development It is useful. Although the Toolbox in VPL (Visual Programming Language) is tailored to robot application development, the underlying structure is not limited to robot programming, but can be applied to other applications. As a result, Visual Programming Language (VPL) is widely used by students, enthusiasts, web developers, and professional programmers.

Simulation Environment

  • It is based on Ageia’s PhysX engine and the Microsoft XNA framework.
    Software robots that operate the same as hardware robots can be developed on the simulator.
  • It can significantly reduce the time and cost of robot development, and can greatly improve the productivity and code quality of development results.
  • It can be applied to various types of specialized algorithms research such as study of robot driving algorithm only by configuring a separate simulation environment with hardware robot.
  • It is supported by Microsoft to enable specialized development for algorithms and intelligent services.

Experimental Environment

HBE-RoboBuilder-MSRDS uses VPL, a graphical programming language, to provide a variety of educational topics related to various peripherals and sensors of robots.

Application Software

Step-by-step Learning

Training Contents

Product Components