HBE-RoboCAR Embedded Ⅱ

Real Time Machine Vision based Intelligent Robot System

  • High-performance Samsung S5PV210 (ARM Cortex TM -A8 Core) Embedded Processor based Platform
  • Linux 2.6.32 Program Development Environment
  • Study of various Image Processing and Machine Vision Algorithm
  • Study of OpenCV based Robot Vision Programming in Embedded Linux Environment
  • Study and Application of Actuator Controller(ATmega128L) interconnection/operation
  • Real Time processing Image LCD display
  • Wireless control and Image acquisition Application using Bluetooth and Wireless LAN communication


  • This is composed of CCD camera for intelligent vision processing, Composite Video Input Port of external Camera and Servo Motor for Pan/Tilt.
  • This has Conversion Function from Analog Video to Digital Video(Video Decoder).
  • This has Image pre-Processing exclusive Processor(FPGA) like Color space converting.
  • This provides many Wireless Communication Environments of Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and Zigbee for intelligent control of Robot.
  • This provides Adapter and Switch for Battery power select with WLAN communication and Audio Input/Output.
  • This provides effective Test through modulation on sections of Robot actuator, CPU module and Peripheral board(Peri-1, Peri-2).
  • This has Embedded Linux and OpenCV porting for intelligent vision based various Tests.
  • This is effective to Embedded system, Robot actuator and Real Time image processing based Project class and Capstone subject.

Block Diagram

Configuration and Names

Main Test

Application Test

We can conduct the test for fundamental autonomous driving, application test using image processing(intelligent vision) and intensified test of unmanned security robot with HBERoboCAR-Embedded II system. This can be used to Project class like embedded system application and intelligent robot and Capstone design subject effectively.

Hardware Specification

Software Specifications

Training Contents