Intelligent Mobile Robot Platform for ICT Convergence Service

  • Advanced Concept Robot Solution using Smart Phone and Tablet as Robot Brain
  • Java based OpenCV solution provided to use Android to Vision Robot Study
  • Use of Open Hardware Platform, Arduino, to control Robot subSystem of motor and sensor
  • Object detection and Autonomous control using multiple Ultrasonic sensor
  • Line Tracer operation using Infrared sensor
  • Actuator operation control using DC Encoder Motor Intelligent control using Eco sensor
  • Intelligent control using Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetic sensor
  • Available of usual Smart Phone and Tablet holding in addition to own HBE-SM7-S4412
  • AndroX Studio TM Software Integrated development environment provided for Robot host System service development


This is developed to support the study of ICT convergence service using Intelligent Mobile Robot and high-value added manpower cultivation, which supports Smart Device based Vision processing. So this provides the best Intelligent Mobile Robot Study environment.
This is designed to use Smart Phone or Smart Pad as Robot Brain for high-performance vision processing, and this combines data collected from Acceleration, Magnetic and Gyroscope sensor in addition to 12 Ultrasonic sensors and 8 Infrared sensors with vision to develop innovative Autonomous algorithm and application service for Intelligent Mobile Robot.


  • This is Mobile Robot Platform including ADK based Electronic Device development environment, and Google Smart Device peripheral device design platform, and this provides the knowledge and experience necessary to develop Smart Convergence Service and test the operation control of mobile robot.
  • Arduino integrated development environment makes anyone implement Firmware for electronic device control easily and rapidly. Arduino integrated development environment is based on development environment using Processing/Wiring language so this is effective to develop Interactive Object and operates Microcontroller easily and also this can make programming easily with USB.
  • This supports ADK based electronic device development environment, Google Smart Device peripheral device design platform, so we can develop an application program connected with Smart Device on which Google Android platform is mounted.
  • This supports International Standard Real Time OS, OSEK/VDX, to develop Electronic Device Firmware of Reliability and Stability of automobile level. OSEK/VDX is the best level Real Time OS to control Electronic Device for automobile and Robot, which is small and fast. And this can reduce the time and effort for implementation with standardized development environment.
  • This uses 12 Ultrasonic sensors and 8 Infrared sensors to execute Mission moves to the path and avoid an obstacle.
    This includes Magnetic, Acceleration and Gyroscope sensor to detect and device the information of Robot acceleration, vibration, shock and motion by itself so it is possible to develop autonomous Intelligent Robot.
  • 2 of 4 DC Geared motors operated independently include Encoder to detect the operation status of motor and calculate the rotating direction and speed of it.
  • This includes Bluetooth communication module so this is available of SPP profile based remote control by PC, Notebook, Smart Phone and Tablet supporting Bluetooth communication.
  • This provides Holding in order to use Smart Phone or Tablet as Mobile Robot Brain so it is possible to implement Mobile Robot based ICT Convergence Service with communication environment of Wi-Fi and high-performance processor provided by Smart Phone or Tablet.
  • For Android based Smart Phone or Tablet, this provides Java based “OpenCV for Android” in order to develop Image Processing based Intelligent Robot application service.
  • It is available of function expansion by Extension port. And this can combine various Eco sensors of CO, CO2, N, Ozone and Weather to implement Mobile Robot based environment detection service as an option.
  • To develop Android based Robot Image Processing and Host Service, this provides Integrated Development Environment, AndroX Studio TM .

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