HBE-LED Lighting

Test Equipment for Smart Lighting using LED

  • Smart Lighting implemented by integrating Sensor, LED lighting and Communication
  • Communication Program Test using PLC, RS-485 and USN
  • Understanding DMX512 protocol, Industry Standard, and Testing Program
  • Various LED operated by using AC controller and DC controller
  • Beautiful and various Images displayed by Contents LED


Recently, environmental-friendly LED with Power efficiency higher than light bulbs due to Energy Conservation and Environmental regulations is increasing. HBE-LED-Lighting can test Implementation of Smart Lighting in which sensor and communications are integrated with using module Type LED actually used for Interior and Outdoor Lighting.


  • Smart Lighting implemented by using 10 sensors
  • Divided into Panel type and Bag type Various LEDs operated
  • Various displays by Learning Controller
  • Additionally installable of industry LED module
  • Installable like Home Net(Power should be installed separately)
  • Removable modularized Sensor

Configuration and Names

Hardware Specifications


Software Specifications

  • Test by Chapters, LED color display wanted, Test by selecting Media(USN, DMX512, PLC), Implementation of Contents using LED, Intuitive Display of selected Sensor and Lighting control using Controller with sample files.
  • Provides ZigbeX StudioTM

Training Contents

I. Introduction

1. Introduction to LED

2. LED lighting Technology


4. Manufacturing Process of LED element

II. Control of LED and Sensor using LED Lighting System

5. Microcontroller(AVR)

6. Introduce HBE-LED-Lighting

7. LED Operation Technology

8. Characteristic of Sensor Element & Experiments

9. Lighting Control using Sensor Module and DC Controller

10. Lighting Control using Sensor Module and AC Controller

11. Ubiquitous & Communication

12. Lighting Control using USN

13. Lighting Control using DMX512

14. Lighting Control using PLC

15. Lighting Control using Contents LED