Platform for LED basic test and LED application test

  • Integrated Test Platform for 12 types LEDs and its applications
  • Makes Up Education Themes for applications of LED principle,LED light and Display
  • Provides LED light Control Algorithm and Control Program
  • Power Control Test for LED operation
  • Includes Oscilloscope to analyze the control signal and waveforms
  • Provides Specific Program for functional Signal Processing and Application Test


  • Recently Interest in LED technology has been increased in Light and Display areas as New Technology Trend. And this technology is environment friendly so this has been recognized as a leader of Green Growth. As integrated Memory Semi conductor and Electronic Communication have been developed for last 20 years, integrated LED and Electronic Communication will be developed as new Technology.
  • LED lighting Technology using LED element has lower Power consumption and longer life than existing one so this substitutes the present Lighting market. LED Sign Board technology has more dynamic Display effect than existing Advertizing Display and this makes a huge market.
  • HBE-Green-LED is Platform to experience LED new technology and test LED application in vocational training of secondary education (specialized course). With various LED configurations. and the specific program, it is possible to educate various LED technologies from basic test to application test.
  • HBE-Green-LED is integral Test Equipment for all engineering fields of Electronic, Information Communication, Electric, Mechanics and etc. which should educate Green Energy technology as the core of Green Growth in the future.


  • It is possible to compare and analyze various elements and application parts for LED in one product and also to control each function without any Software and Program to control LED.
  • Creating functional control signals and changing operation data differently through connecting with test PC, LED operation test is available.
  • 2ch Oscilloscope is embedded for Power and Control Signal analysis and also Breadboard is embedded for LED characteristic test and Part error verification.
  • separate program port is provided for changing program codes of embedded Microcontroller in order to control advanced functions.
  • Basic sample and PC application contents are provided for various basic tests and application tests

Configuration and Names

1. Breadboard (12Line*35Column)
2. Ø5 LED (Red, Green, Blue, White), controls Current
3. ØLED (Red, Green, Blue), Voltage Control Circuit
4. Chip LED (Red, Green, Blue), Constant Current Control Circuit
5. 1Digit FND, PWM Brightness Control Circuit
6. Array FND, Controls Dynamic Scan and PWM Brightness
7. 8 *8 Dot Matrix LED, Dynamic Scan Control Circuit
8. Ir LED, Infrared Wireless Communication Circuit
9. 128 *128 262k Color OLED
10. Automatic Light Control, Automatic Brightness Control Circuit using Sensor

11. 2*16 Text LCD, LED Backlight, Controls Contrast and Brightness
12. 16 *16 Full Color LED Sign Board, LED Sign Board Control Circuit
13. LED Color Control, Display Colors with Red, Green, Blue LED Control
14. Power Conversion Circuit, AC to DC Power Conversion Circuit
15. Controls LED Light Brightness, Controls Brightness and Measures Power Efficiency with PWM
16. Displays Current and Power Analysis for LED light
17. Oscilloscope, embedded for LED Power and Control Signal Analysis

Block Diagram

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

Control Program

Training Contents