HBE-IoT Smart

IoT Integrated Platform

  • Raspberry Pi 3, ADK-2560 based IoT sensor test
  • Interworked on smartphone or tablet PC
  • Arduino progarmming by BLE module
  • Communications of Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi service
  • BLE based sensor module service
  • Beacon service
  • Various projects supported
  • Android, Linux based open API service


  • Everyone enables to experience IoT service easily because Sensor Data Collection is implemented around open hardware platform.
  • Enable to implement Wearable Device with ARM Cortex M0 based BLE Module.
  • Provided from the basic to application examples for built-in 10 kinds of Sensor Data.
  • Project supported of various sensor collections and Indoor Map Service.
  • Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth communication supported for Machine to Machine communication called as an early stage of IoT service.
  • Enable to test actuator control and acquire sensor information to get IoT basic technique by modules through unit module test function using firmware.
  • Enable to build Gateway and proceed various projects by monitoring sensor information and remote access control.

Configuration and Names

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications


Training Contents

Smart Sensor and Device Control Application Programming for IoT
  • Study 1. Overview of the Internet of Things
  • Study 2. IoT-Smart and Practice Environment Configuration
  • Study 3. Smart Sensor Control Practice (1)
  • Study 4. Smart Sensor Control Practice (2)
  • Study 5. Raspberry Pi
  • Study 6. Smart Sensor Control Application Practice (1)
  • Study 7. Smart Sensor Control Application Practice (2)
  • Study 8. IoT Smart Sensor and Cloud (Thing+) Integration