HBE-IoT Beacon

IoT Integrated Platform

  • Raspberry Pi 3, ADK-2560 based IoT sensor test
  • Interworked on smartphone or tablet PC
  • Arduino progarmming by BLE module
  • Communications of Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi service
  • BLE based sensor module service
  • Beacon service
  • Various projects supported
  • Android, Linux based open API service


  • Everyone enables to experience IoT service easily because Sensor Data Collection is implemented around open hardware platform.
  • Enable to implement Wearable Device with ARM Cortex M0 based BLE Module.
  • Provided from the basic to application examples for built-in 10 kinds of Sensor Data.
  • Project supported of various sensor collections and Indoor Map Service.
  • Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth communication supported for Machine to Machine communication called as an early stage of IoT service.
  • Enable to test actuator control and acquire sensor information to get IoT basic technique by modules through unit module test function using firmware.
  • Enable to build Gateway and proceed various projects by monitoring sensor information and remote access control.


  • Indoor Map Service
  • Notification Service for Facility Storage Condition
  • Danger Detection Service for Blind
  • Home Lost Article Search Service
  • Automatic Attendance Check Service
  • Classroom and Class Notification Service
  • Coupon Information Service in front of store

Configuration and Names

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

Basic Exercise

Training Contents

Learning IoT with HBE-IoT Beacon
  • Study 1. Introduction to IoT
  • Study 2. Configuration of IoT technology
  • Study 3. Standardization and Security of IoT
  • Study 4. Configuration and Application of Smart Sensor Technology
  • Study 5. Test of a BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) communication program
  • Study 6. Intruder Detecting System using a Human Body Detection sensor
  • Study 7. Gas leak alarm system using a gas sensor
  • Study 8. Child care helper system using a sound sensor
  • Study 9. Temperature/Humidity/Illuminance meter using a Temperature/Humidity/Illuminance sensor
  • Study 10. Pulse measurement using a pulse sensor
  • Study 11. Car rear sensors using a ultrasonic sensor
  • Study 12. Oscillometer using a vibration sensor
  • Study 13. A Picture book using a gyro sensor
  • Study 14. A Lost Child Prevention system using a Boozer
  • Study 15. Smart LED Lamp using Light/Switch module
  • Study 16. Development of Museum Information Service using Beacon
  • Study 17. Development of E-Coupon Service using Beacon